Accreditation Process

  1. Application
    • Educational institution submits a requisition letter for program accreditation and Self-Evaluation Report(SER) together with supporting documents to Council of Engineer Thailand (COET) website at the link;
  1. Program Evaluation
    • The program evaluator team, who appointed by Thailand Accreditation Board of Engineering Education (TABEE), evaluates program’s Self-Evaluation Report (SER) and supporting documents to conform with program outcomes and effectiveness of program quality management according to TABEE accreditation criteria.
    • In case of the program’s Self-Evaluation Report (SER) and supporting documents does not describe the program quality management according to TABEE accreditation criteria, the program evaluator team should be requested the additional support documents.
    • The educational institution should submit additional support documents requested by the evaluator team in time according to the schedule.
    • The evaluator team arrange an appointment to the program visit.
  1. Consideration for Accreditation Result
    • The program evaluator team meet to consider program accreditation result and write the accreditation reporting according to the report template.
    • The program evaluator team leader presents the reviewed accreditation report to the TABEE committee in TABEE Decision Meeting. The TABEE Decision Meeting consist of TABEE Committee member, other program evaluator team leaders and the intervenor group.
    • The TABEE Decision Meeting consider and acknowledge the program accreditation result.
    • TABEE report the program accreditation result and report to educational institution.
  1. Appeal Request
    • The educational institution, that is considered to decline or revoke accreditation result, may sent the appeal letter to TABEE for reconsideration of accreditation result within 30 days from the stamped receiving date of accreditation result letter
    • The TABEE shall review the appeal request by considering the additional factual documents submitted by the educational institution within 60 days from the stamped date of receiving appeal request. The decision on the appealed accreditation result is considered final.
  1. The Accreditation Fee
    • Application Fee:

      68,000 Baht/ Program

    • Program Visit Fee:

      140,000 Baht/ Program