Programme Visit

The program visit is a 2-days visit according to the prepared schedule and notifying letter for program visit, in case of program monitoring, program evaluator may consider only report review on progressive report or arrange 1-day program visit as it is appropriately needed. The evaluation team should perform as follows;

  1. Reviewing teaching and learning course portfolio relating to basic engineering and specific engineering subjects that are taught by the program teaching staff for the knowledge content, homework, assignment, term report that are given to students during classes, and the class evaluation.
  1. Meeting with Dean, program chair, program executives about schedule and activities of the program visit and listening to presentation about overview of the educational institution and program administration. Evaluators may ask for clarifying issues on program Self-evaluation report and program quality management.
  1. Evaluating class teaching and learning, laboratory equipment, laboratory facilities, library, information technology support system, and academic environment as prescribed in TABEE accreditation criteria.
  1. Interviewing program chair, teaching staff, laboratory staff and supporting staff for evaluation of program quality management, program teaching and learning to attain program objectives, program outcomes, and program graduate attributes for professional practice.
  1. Interviewing program students (from all classes) to ensure program outcomes and program graduate attributes for professional practices. The program evaluator team should specify the number and academic condition of students required for the interview.
  1. Interviewing program graduates to ensure program graduate attributes for professional practices, the number and condition of which are to be specified by the program evaluator team.
  1. Interviewing program alumni who currently practice engineering profession in the industry to ensure program graduate attributes required for professional practices, the number and condition of which are to be specified by the program evaluator team.
  1. During exit meeting, program evaluator team must wrap up program visit and inform to institutional executive, program chair and program executives as followings;
    • Steps towards accreditation reporting.
    • List of factual findings during the program visit. Detailed explanations or suggestions are not necessary provided.
    • Overview of preliminary opinion that the evaluator team may consider necessary.

In case of multiple-program visit on the same campus site, TABEE shall assign a designated subcommittee member to lead the program visit and meet with institutional executives for visiting schedule and activities. The appointment of multiple-program visit should not be more than 5 programs each time.